Arrow Global - Manufacturing Workholding

Manufacturing Workholding

The Mark Two helps Arow Global expand their heavy duty prototyping process with inexpensive, strong 3D printed parts.

Arow Global has been using the printer to make manufacturing workholding as well. New Product Engineer Joseph Walters described how it’s improved their process: “We’re able to take a part that would have costed $400, with two and a half week lead time of machining from one of our local vendors, we printed it over the weekend and the manufacturing floor likes it just as much, if not a little better...and they’re using it to this day.” Some of their jigs have now been extensively used during the assembly process, nearing 1000 cycles: “We see no visible signs of wear on any of the nylon parts, and it adds the benefit of not scratching the parts that we’re producing, where with aluminum you can get scratching in the extrusion if one is a little harder than the other, but with nylon, that’s basically eliminated.”