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We are providing our printing service with Markforged's professional desktop printer.


Design parts that meets your requirements


Printed parts can be post processed on milling machine to include precise holes, surfaces


To ensure safe and rigid clamping we can add heat set inserts into your printed parts

Leverage high-strength 3D printed parts in any stage of the production cycle.



Accelerate the product design process by 3D printing prototypes and other types of experimental fixturing.



Increase production throughput by using 3D printing to optimize your manufacturing process.



Streamline repairs and simplify spare parts management with 3D printers.

Markforged 3D printing technologies help drive your competitive advantage

Speed up time to market

Markforged parts print up to 50x faster than traditional manufacturing methods.

Cut manufacturing costs

Markforged parts are up to 20x lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing.

Improve supply chain efficiency

Reduce your manufacturing downtime with on-demand production.

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