Radiant Images - Multibody Construction

Multibody Construction

The AXA 360 camera system allows film creators to record seamless, high-quality, 360 degree video. Before using Markforged, Radiant Images outsourced machined 7075 Aluminum frames — a process that was both slow and yielded a heavy rig. By printing the frame in-house out of Onyx and Carbon Fiber on their Markforged Industrial Series printer, Radiant Images builds lighter rigs faster than they could before.

END USE PART — Radiant Images prints the entire frame of the AXA 360 camera rig with Markforged.

PRECISE FITTINGS — The frame consists of high strength polygonal brackets bolted together at an angle.

REPLACING METAL — The printed composite parts replace aluminum and are lighter and faster to produce.

MASSIVE SAVINGS — Radiant Images prints frames 3x cheaper and 4x faster with Markforged technology.