3D Printing Replacement Parts

The manufacturing cycle doesn’t end once products are shipped; equipment in the field often requires spare parts to replace broken or worn-out hardware. Ensuring that customers receive reasonably priced replacement parts quickly is a challenge. One-off parts require relatively long lead times and incur high costs, especially if tooling for the part is no longer readily available. Conversely, keeping every possible spare on hand is laborious and space-inefficient. Markforged 3D printing offers a way to simplify spare parts management while reducing costs and shortening lead time.

3D printing replacement parts on-demand, in-house, and with minimal skilled labor allows you to optimize your spare parts management process. Only the most critical, oft-replaced components have to be kept in inventory while others can be stored digitally and printed on a one-off basis. 3D printed composite and metal materials allow you to replace high-wear parts without tooling. This makes low-volume production of replacements more feasible by lowering costs and shortening lead times, helping you get parts to customers with less effort.

Application examples

Complex Geometries

Legacy parts

High-wear components

Low-volume inventory